Game Products & Services

Along with poultry housing, we have been producing equipment for shoots and game farms. With eight years previous keepering experience,
we have a good understanding of gamekeeping needs and have a flexible approach to suit your specific requirements.

Please see below for just a few products from our range:

Pen Sections

Pen sections make very flexible sized runs, suiting all types
of Game.

The range includes 4', 5' and 6' high panels.

Available with top net fox deterrent weld mesh strips.

8 Foot Long Sections
8' x 4' Plain - £17.50

8' x 5' Plain - £20.00

8' x 6' Plain - £27.00

10 Foot Long Sections
10' x 5' Plain - £24.00

10' x 6' Plain - £30.00

Add £7.00 for Gate Section
Add £8.00 for Pophole Section
Add £8.00 for Weld Mesh Strip
Discounts for orders
over 10 Sections

Rook Ladder Trap
These traps are made from 2'x2' treated timber.

Made up from sections so can easily be taken apart and moved
as required..




Feeders can be made from re-cyled steel or plastic drums. A good alternative to conventional feeders keeping food off the ground.
25kg Plastic Feeder with Spring - £20.00

50kg Metal Feeder with Spring - £20.00

Add £6.00 for Pan Feeder

If you would like more information on any of the products shown above, or would like to to contact us to place an order, please CLICK HERE.


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