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Please see below for just a few products from our range:

The 3' x 2' with Run - Also available with “Little Buckholt” house

One of our best sellers, this smaller style can be used as a stand
alone house or equipped with a sturdy 7' clip on run with handles allowing the unit to be moved around the garden. Made from
pressure treated timber.
3' long and 2'6" wide
Nest box 12" on back
45" high with 5" legs
3 - 6 birds (depending on bird size)
Optional Wheels

£295.00 (+£50 with wheels) (+£35 with Weld Mesh Floor)

The Little Buckholt - 3' x 3'

The Little Buckholt is named after the farm where we live. It is a traditional style house that can come with wheels and can also be
fitted with the same run that is use on the 3x2 houses. It has 2 bird
nest boxes on the back and is well ventilated.
3' x 3' square
4' wide on 10" legs
5-10 birds (depending on bird size)
Available with up to 18" legs if required

£450.00 (+£120 with additional 8ft Run)

The 4' x 4' House with Fixed Floor

Big strong house made from exterior ply and pressure treated timber. 3" x 2" legs elevate the house. Available with rubber wheels and
sliding floor. Also suitable as duck housing.
4' x 4' square with 12" nest box at rear
53" high 5" legs
5-15 birds (depending on bird size)

£430.00 (+£45 with sliding floor, +£65 with wheels)

The "A" Frame

The generous size “A” frame is made from pressure treated timber
with a tongued and grooved housing area. The nest box on the back unclips allowing easy access. Handles allow for easy manoeuvre.
7'9" long (9'6" with handles)
5'4" wide 5'6" high
12" nest box
4 - 7 birds (depending on bird size)

£430.00 (+£50 with Anti Fox Weld Mesh Floor)

The Bantam

The Bantam is smaller in size then the A frame & has handles for moving round the garden. Ideally suited for Bantams it has a large openings on the sides for good access to run and inside of the

Also opens at the end so you can that let them out in to the garden.
6' long
3' wide
55" high with nest box
2 - 6 bantams

£350.00 (+£30 with Weld Mesh Floor)

The Broody Coop

The Coop is styled on a traditional design & made from pressure treated timber. Also available with a nest box. Ideal for a smaller number of bantams or hen and chicks.
5'5" long
20" wide
24" high
44" run
12" nest box
2 - 3 bantams

£125.00 (+£35 with external Nest Box)

The Mini Coop

The Mini is a small flexible style, suitable for Bantams, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Quail. . Alternative range of rabbit hutches also available.
4' long
20" wide
20" high
1 -2 bantams
Bantam hen & chicks


Pen Sections

Pen sections make very flexible sized runs, suiting all types
of Game.

The range includes 4', 5' and 6' high panels.

Available with top net fox deterrent weld mesh strips.

8 Foot Long Sections
8' x 4' Plain - £17.50

8' x 5' Plain - £20.00

8' x 6' Plain - £27.00

10 Foot Long Sections
10' x 5' Plain - £24.00

10' x 6' Plain - £30.00

Add £7.00 for Gate Section
Add £8.00 for Pophole Section
Add £8.00 for Weld Mesh Strip
Discounts for orders
over 10 Sections


Feeders can be made from re-cyled steel or plastic drums. A good alternative to conventional feeders keeping food off the ground.
25kg Plastic Feeder with Spring - £20.00

50kg Metal Feeder with Spring - £20.00

Add £6.00 for Pan Feeder

Discount for Orders over 10 Feeders

If you would like more information on any of the products shown above, or would like to to contact us to place an order, please CLICK HERE.

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